Meet the Team!
Taroverse is being developed by Block Vision Studio LLC. The team consists of 15 full-time employees and has its headquarter in SVG. The founding team consists of the following individuals:

Siddhant Srivastava - CEO

Sid is a veteran in cryptocurrency space with over 6 yrs of experience. He has been deeply involved with top gaming projects like Mobox in the past and invested in 50+ crypto gaming projects in private rounds. Due to his standing experience he has became an influential figure with over 30,000 followers across his socials
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Michael Wang - CTO

Michael has worked for 20+ years as an Architect and Manager. He has led a 40-member team on multi-million dollar products that are used by millions of users. With a technical mind and holds a Master degree in Computer Science, he can build pretty much anything software-wise and basic hardware prototypes. His expertise and interests are in computer networking, Internet of Things, home automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud infrastructure, and blockchain.

Jun Chen - Game Lead Engineer

Jun has previously lead multiple teams of Software Engineers both local (Bay Arena) and remote (India and Romania) at Penn National Gaming (Acquisition from Rocket Games in 2016). He has spent 5 years working at Adobe Systems in the Flash Player and Flash Authoring Systems from 2007 before smart phones and HTML5 became mainstream. John graduated from California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo, but with a Computer Engineer BA degree. His expertise is in entertainment industry, specially, mobile(iOS and Android) and VR (Desktop Steam) games.

Vivek Burada - Blockchain Engineer

CTO & Co-Founder at PayNav for 2 years, building NeoBanking solutions for GenZ and Millennials. Prior to this he worked at Infosys as Specialist Programmer Global Delivery, Also has hands on in Market Research and AdTech space at InMobi Group ( Glance and Pulse) as Ad operations guy

Robby Jeo - CMO

Robby is the CEO of Kommunitas, a decentralized and tier-less launchpad platform built on Polygon chain and advisor for successful projects like Affyn. He is highly analytical and an effective communicator with a serious amount of marketing acumen.

Mark Chen - Backend Engineer

Mark spent a decade and half with Cisco during the start of his career as a Software Engineer. He later cofounded Vitapoly as an apps company creating dozens of games and apps; some of which hit the Top 10 Charts of Apple and Unity stores. With the buzz of successfully bootstrapping a startup, one of his ideas got funded by Tim Draper for a couple of years. These days, he prefers getting his hands dirty with the latest tech and building on them to create things that are new and exciting.

Mukund - Lead Design

Mukund has worked for some of the top crypto projects like Wink and Mobox. He has also worked with some of the best designer in the industry involved in NFT and Crypto projects.