Gaming Industry is approximately worth 200 Billion dollars at the moment of writing this and is continuously growing. Players spend a hundreds and thousands of Dollars on games and on in-game assets. Yet, these assets and the progress they made by dedicating their valuable time can be taken away just by clicking a few buttons. For a long time, there were no scalable solution for this problem.
However, In 2009, the launch of Bitcoin gave rise to one of the major use case of blockchain technologies - cryptocurrencies. However, that was just the beginning. It was only until NFT's were launched that a clear solution was born to bring more value to the players by giving them the true ownership of their in-game assets.
So, we intend to harness the power of NFT's to give players not only a variety of games to choose from but also bring in a unique social experience of playing with their friends. This social feature of Taroverse is where metaverse comes in. Metaverse is said to be the ultimate social experience of future as it allows users to interact with friends through digital avatars in an virtual world.
The ownership issue and Play2earn aspects are solved through blockchain technology. But, there are not many Play2Earn games that people actually want to play or provide high quality of gameplay with fine graphics. Taroverse aims to bring this top quality of gameplay with smooth graphics.
In simpler words, we aim to revolutionize the crypto gaming industry by providing players a long lasting and sustainable ecosystem with high quality games that players actually want to play. This whitepaper is strictly for informational purposes and workings of Taroverse. This Whitepaper does not impose any legal obligations on authors or any third parties. For legal agreements, check terms of conditions and privacy policy on our website.
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